The International Daniel Bauer Makeup & Hair Academy
We built Artist Factory India agency by recognising the new needs and expectations of the best makeup artists artists and clients. We are creative + professional; it’s simple and defines us. Creativity + professionalism is what we all want, you can’t feel it, but you can sense it. With us, you always will. These two words guide every aspect of our agency from producing artists, managing clients to creating collaborations. Artist Factory India believes in the most interesting, not just the most, the brightest, not just the boldest. We work with artists who create differently and clients who want different. For us, playing on the safe side is the wrong side. By bringing together creative minds with beautiful talents, we ensure the most for our clients by the brightest around..
  In July 2017, India's most senior artist, the multi-award winning Daniel Bauer decided to open up his first makeup and hair academy in Mumbai. In less than two years, the Daniel Bauer Academy has grown to become India's largest beauty only hair and makeup academy in Mumbai and in Delhi. We aim to give our students, be it from their portfolio or the assignments we try to give all students, a platform for their work and skills to be noticed. In a crowded Industry, you need to be noticed and the Daniel Bauer Academy gets you noticed better then-any. Being thought by the best there is, is a mark of your teaching and capabilities. Every student aspire to be the best makeup and hair artist in India, and being trained by the best makeup and hair academy in Mumbai and Delhi is your fast-track ticket to successes.  
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