There Has Never Been a Better TIme to Be a Professional Makeup Artist In India.

There Has Never Been a Better TIme to Be a Professional Makeup Artist In India.

In an era where everybody claims to be the ‘best celebrity makeup artist’, the ‘top bridal makeup artist in India’ or indeed, a little closer to home, the “Best Makeup Academy In Mumbai“; saying, is not the same as believing.

The world of beauty and the wider fashion industry has witnessed a radical transformation in the past few years. The business has changed, so have the products and skills, but beautiful makeup is still the name of the game. It’s fair to say there are more makeup artists in the world as of 2019 than in any other year. Why is a question many are asking and ‘how’ is a question all are asking?

The answer to both these questions is simple; Instagram. Social media but specifically, Instagram has been the biggest game changer for the beauty world.

Most of the well-established artists working in the world today will remember a time when the ’book’, was their bible, this was a printed portfolio, a collection of an artists’ best-of-the-best. The artists’ book is why Vogue would hire them for a cover shoot, or why any artist would get hired for any job for that matter.

The Book’s pages really did represents the best of the abilities of the artist and each and every page was scrutinised for the details, accuracy, creativity, skill, and innovation. If work wasn’t impressive, it wasn’t in the book. Full Stop.

Today, we don’t need to use Books anymore, it has been replaced real-time by Instagram, a real life overview of what an artist is doing, the company they share, the models they know, and the skills they have. There are certainly advantages to this. However, one major drawback…previously, the book was a catalogue of an artists’ best work, compiled of over 10 years or more. Clients made their hiring decisions and the best Informed decisions on the basis of an artist’s best collection of work…today, clients may make a hiring judgment on the last 20 Instagram posts. Good call for some, less so for others (especially if your best work happens to be on post number 50 or more in your Instagram feed).

We believe Instagram is vital for all artists, but the book is also another real measure of an artist skill. Can and should the two exist?

So why are we, the Daniel Bauer Academy talking about this…well for the simple reason. Your portfolio, be it on Instagram or in a beautiful book, is your ticket to success. Instagram isn’t about how many images you have, but the quality of those you do.

With everything, show the best of your best. That includes choosing the best beauty courses In Mumbai, your choice is the most important choice you’ll make as a new makeup artist.


Patrick Danaher, Co-Founder, Daniel Bauer Makeup & Hair Academy

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